Recommended Reading

My intent is to share with you a list of books I find valuable and — in some cases — indispensable. This list will be updated throughout the duration of class as I think of any additions or if something relates to class material.

Each of the images below is a direct link to the page for the book.

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson

This book is single-handedly responsible for my understanding of exposure — go figure. I have read this book at least three times, and I either learn something I missed, or remind myself of something with every revisit. I cannot recommend this book enough for someone looking to get away from shooting in Auto, or for anyone wanting to learn more about using exposure to strengthen composition.

The Creative Fight by Chris Orwig

Chris Orwig’s book is a fantastic source of inspiration for anyone who has found themselves stuck in a creative rut. Full of entertaining prose and amusing anecdotes, Chris manages to provide the reader with ideas and actual exercises to stretch their creative muscle. Even though the book is aimed at photographers, many of the exercises and projects can be applied to any creative field.

The Digital Photography Book: Boxed Set by Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby’s book series is almost like a collection of camera recipes. If you have ever wanted to know how the pros go about shooting a specific type of image, simply search these books and Scott provides you with camera settings, equipment advice, and even some artistic direction so you can start shooting like the pros. Book Five is a collection of “photo recipes” where Scott provides an entire book of behind-the-scenes, detailed walkthroughs of how to get specific shots and how to get the same look every time!

The Road to Seeing by Dan Winters

Dan Winters is probably one of the most successful artists and photographers of our generation. His is a truly creative mind, and this book tells the story of how he got to where he is today. Part autobiography, and completely inspirational, Dan shares his journey, as well as some of his work throughout the years. This book is amazing, and some teachers even use this as a text book. For me, this is required reading for anyone remotely interested in photography.

Photography Q & A: Real Questions. Real Answers. by Zack Arias

Photographer Zack Arias ran a Tumblr blog for over a year where he answered questions about all facets of photography and the photography business. He never provided anything less than a robust and well thought out answer. At the end of the project, he collected some of the best questions and answers and compiled them into a book. Zack is well-known for telling you how it is and never sugar coating anything. As an aspiring professional, this book has provided me with some of the most depressing but wholly inspiring information I have ever read. This book sits in a prime location on my bookshelf and I flip through it from time to time to keep me grounded, but still allow my dreams to wander through the clouds.


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