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Week One: Weather and Cityscape

This week’s assignment was to make a cityscape and weather related photo. We had some pretty severe weather this week, which ended up limiting my options for both photos due to my hectic school and work schedules. Still, I think I managed to capture successful enough images for each of the assignments.

Walnut Creek Lake after a storm.

I ended up really liking my weather photo. I ended up processing it as black and white rather than in color. The overcast skies and the recent rain just made the color version visually unappealing. The black and white process really accentuated the rain and the emptiness of the usually busy park for me, and I really enjoy the film-noir-esque look I got from it. (Nikon D600, 24-70mm @ 38mm, f/8, 1/60s, ISO 1600, EV +0.7.)

Downtown Omaha, Nebraska.

My cityscape image is definitely not one of my favorites, but I like it well enough. It’s a view anyone from Omaha is familiar with, but I decided to pull it back from the usual photo location on the bridge in order to bring in more of the surrounding park. (Nikon D600, 24-70mm @ 36mm, f/16, 1/30s, ISO 100.)